Cargar el movil con una planta. ¿Es posible?

Una empresa Española de tecnología inventa una forma de cargar los móviles por medio de la energía suministrada por plantas. Desde esta página no hemos comprobado si funciona, pero si lo hace creemos que es un importante invento para toda la humanidad. Aquí te dejamos las páginas, la página de bioo tech da problemas al entrar.

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Our dream, your dream

Would you believe us if we told you that you can charge your devices with any type of plant? Sounds crazy, right? Like brought out of your best dream, where plants could supply us with the greenest and cleanest energy possible. Well, dream no more, because Bioo has arrived to change the world.

A plant charging your devices

Sounds crazy but it’s real!

Using a compact and modern technology we are able to produce electricity from the simple, every-day process in which plants rely on to survive, photosynthesis. Bioo provides a day and night constant electricity supply, proving that plants may just be the way out for truly clean renewable energies. With Bioo Lite we plan to redesign the concept of charging your phone or tablet. We want to make it easy to use, as easy as a normal electricity plug you now use from the wall, but instead, adding the clean and awesome look a plant of your choice provides.

We’ve plants everywhere

So they can help us everywhere

We have plants everywhere, as decoration in our own homes or our work places. Why not use them for an even better matter. Plug in your devices to charge up in our unique, modern-looking plant pots and forget about your phone or tablet´s battery level. With Bioo Lite we are not only helping the environment by using plants as energy source, but also we intend to help our users by reducing their daily electricity consumption. No more electricity plugs, your own plants have got you fully covered with Bioo Lite.

We’ve worked hard

Now is your turn to make it happen

Arkyne Techonologies presents this life-changing equipment never seen until now. We have developed and investigated for months this precise technology and we have finally decided to release it for the final stages of our project. Our development has been totally successful and our prototypes are fully functional, proving that 100% green and ecological electricity can be made. We think renewable energies need to finally push through and become the leading power-providing service worldwide. And so, plants are everywhere and would make up to becoming a great electrical station for our everyday needs, without harming nature any more.

A solution for your daily routine

Change your everyday ritual

Charging phones or tablets is something that has already become part of our everyday rituals, wether it is at night while we sleep, at work or after lunch at home, whenever or wherever it is, we depend on our electronics to be fully functional until the end of the day. This is where Bioo Lite comes into action. Place your Bioo Lite plant wherever you usually charge your devices, and with its accessible usb socket just simply connect your device and watch it charge from only what the plant is creating from photosynthesis. Magical as it sounds, you will not only have a great looking plant in an outstanding contemporary plant pot, you will also be fully charging your devices from a plant with no extra cost on your electricity bill.

How it works?

The magic happens inside the plant

So you may be wondering, how does this amazing piece of technology even work?

Well, it is even easier than you may think to understand the whole process that involves a plant from being just a decoration item to a reliable charging station for your electronics. We have been designing and developing our technology for a period of ten months, and we have achieved our production to increase up to 10 times the value. Our studies started with intense investigation around all the components and theory involved in our project, and it has all taken us to our successful results nowadays. For our technology we were initially inspired by several studies executed by NASA, but we have decided to choose a specific route to implement our efforts in, renewable energies. Below, a scheme of the upper biological cell system (The actual internal structure may differ from the schemes due to production assembling requirements).

The magic happens inside the plant pot, where energy created by the plant´s biological elements expelled after photosynthesis is transferred for our use in form of electricity. This matter is produced with or without Bioo, it is simply part of the essential process of photosynthesis in which every plant has to take part to live. The process inludes a chemical and biological hybrid cell. This combination is vital to stabilize the system. This way, we are not forcing the plant to do or create anything else rather than what it always makes. It does not harm the plant in any way, either the technology or the process applied, and so environment is also a great winner from the implementation of this revolutionary technology. Furthermore, our system is self-regenerating.

This means that it will keep itself working without any further external treatments, which only adds up to the numerous positive aspects of the implementation of Bioo. The system is able to take the energy produced in the soil surrounding the roots of the plant and transfer it as electricity using its leading and efficient process. Nevertheless, Bioo Lite is a size-reduced version of our bigger panels, therefore it includes natural chemical enhancers in order to support the energy produced by photosynthesis, adapting its scale for a home use experience. We have designed Bioo having in mind since the first day that it must be the most adaptable product for any user.

Bioo is equiped with its own sealed water tank, creating a high efficiency in water management by retaining what is added to the plant, both by the automatic irrigation system included or any other external sources of water, such as rain. Actually, this will allow the customer to save up to 6-8 liters or water monthly. Once electricity has been created, options are endless for its future applying. We are all electricity dependent, and being able to use any kind of plants as a power source of the greenest and most eco-friendly electricity possible is not only brilliant, but game-changing.

Join our team

Help us reaching the global market

Bioo Lite is thought to be a fast integration of our technology in the global market, to show everyone how useful and effective this technology really is, and how it can be an absolute revolution for renewable energies worldwide. This is a more smaller-scale and user-friendly adapted product, thought for a much specialized yet impressive goal. We want to recreate the way of charging your devices without having to sacrifice the basics, usb charging cables. Bioo Lite is thought to provide electricity the same way Bioo does, but focused in the charging of electrical devices by adding a connectable usb socket to one of it´s elegant looking sides.

As we have said, the cable you now have for your device can be used with Bioo Lite, because it is totally compatible. We don´t want to change the cable, we want to replace your power source: from the standard power plug to an outstanding, modern-looking plant pot in which you can plant anything of your choice. It will help us to finalize our studies on Bioo for its final international unveiling, because having a product already in market and receiving all the feedback from our users is of great importance. This will not only guide us towards improving even more our products, but also will allow us to invest higher quantities in development and launching for our flagship, Bioo.

In the case of our 1x1m panel, it will simply be installed in your garden in a way that it will not create a visual or physical impact. In other words, you can still use your garden the same way you did before. This panel doesn’t include chemical additives unlike Bioo Lite, producing its whole energy from the photosynthetic substances generated by plants. Furthermore it is perfectly fine to step on top of Bioo, for example, if you decide to plant standard grass.

Understanding the technology

Panels producing up to 40 watts!

Bioo, both the standard and the Lite version use the same type of technology, but in different scales to adapt to their respective market sectors. Bioo is thought for accomplishing a much bigger goal, not only at user scale, but also for businesses and large agriculture surfaces. We want to change the renewable energy field and provide the cleanest and most ecological energy ever found, using only our precise technology and the photosynthesis process from any type of plant. With this idea in mind, we can look into providing clean energy for any user who wants to use Bioo as their new source of energy.

Bioo is our new disrupting project to obtain electricity from plants’ photosynthesis. Based on 100x100x25cm panels from which plants will be able to grow producing from 3 to over 40 watts depending on the plant type and cares given. In fact, these panels purify and save great amounts of water. The solution to the greatest environmental and energy issues in our world will be able to be solved with the implementation of this technology; while gardens, green roofs, farms and forests are already vital to our ecosystem, Bioo is offering a new point of view: to simply transform these huge green spaces to fulfill our energy needs with the creation of a new renewable source. Houses with gardens will still have a garden no matter what Bioo offers, the same happens with hotels, football pitches, resorts, universities… Our target is simply to increase the possibilities of these spaces introducing the production of a vital resource of our society apart of a high saving in water expenses. In terms of agriculture, it could mean a revolution; farmlands will replace energy plants allowing not only greater revenues and savings, but a monitored irrigation of their lands.

Changing the energy industry

We can make a better world together

It is easy to come up to the same conclusion as we have, this project can really turn upside down the renewable energy industry nowadays, and prove everybody how efficient it can really be. All added to the fact that it will be the cleanest energy possible, with zero impact on environment, virtually creating the perfect energy source. Carbon dependant energy sources have caused enough damage to environment, it is time for us to step up and create the most eco-friendly source ever made.

Other similar competitors have tried to create similar technologies to ours, but have simply decided to take other paths to use it in. We think that it can be a great way to step up in the energy needs we all face nowadays, helping environment by reducing our dependence on polluting sources of energy. Renewable energies are slowly changing the rules of the energy game, appearing more often in our houses and countries slowly becoming the go-to power sources for all our needs. There is virtually no competition in this type of technology, due to it´s disrupting purpose. We have only found 3 examples more which may have some simillarities with Bioo. These three were developed by the CNRS (National French Scientific Centre), Plant-e and Ekaia. Plant-e is a Dutch spin-off from the sub-department of Environmental Technology of Wageningen University. It has developed some basic do-it-yourself kits for educational purpose which let you prove that living plants generate electricity, but nothing compared with the efficiency we can offer with our produced Bioo. The CNRS has developed theoretical studies focused only on biomass research, but they don’t currently count with any material design and don´t seem to take those ideas into an actual product in the near future. Lastly, Ekaia, the only real product which is being developed that may be related with ours, though only focusing in charging phones and not scalling to much higher levels like we intend to do.