The pharmaceutical industry is a crime organized.

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My name is Peter Gotzche, I am director of the Nordic Cochran center in Copenhage and professor of research desing and analyst at the university of Carbon Eggen. Two years ago, I found out that our prescription are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Our drugs kill around 200.000 people in America every year and a half of these people died while they do what the doctor told them. So they died because of errors and it is often the doctors that make the errors because any drug may come with 20,30  or 40 warnings contraindications, precautions, and so on no doctor on the world knows about all this so the give patient´s drugs that they should not have given them that interact dangerously with other drugs or food items , then the patients die, that is the other half so the other thing. I found out two years ago was much or what the industry does fulf fill the criteria for organized crime in US law and the behave in many ways like the Mafia does, they corrupt everyone they can corrupt, they have bought every type of person even ministers of health in some countries. The rose a huge amount of corruption. In my country for example Denmark, we having are regarder as very little corruption, but yet we have thousands of doctor on industry pay roll although we are just 20.000 doctors, so this is an effective kind of corruption the drug industry buys the professor first. Then the chief of deparment than other chief physicians, and so on they do not buy junior doctors so when several thousands are and industry payroll it is really bad and that is why i wrote my book deadly medicines and organized crime how big pharma has corrupted health care. 

I hope to convince patients not to take so many drugs because so many died the drugs the take, in my country people take so many drugs that every single citizen can be in treattment with one and a half drugs from they are born till the die. This is incredible and drugs are not that helpful and they kill many of us, we know that is why drugs are the third major killer after heart disease and cancer so what we need in the coming years is to take far fewer drugs than we do currently if we did that and we were carefull then we could live longer and live better lives because drugs have many side effects and patients often don´t realize that when they become worse that it could be a side effect of the drug, which they continue taking because that is what their doctor tell them. So when i was a specialist in internal medicine what i very often did was I stopped a lot of drugs particulary in elderly people and it is quite revealing to see a bed written elderly person come in to your war and when you stop the drugs I mean person come in to your war and when you stop de drugs I mean that person becomes many years younger. And many of these drugs affect the brain and old people tolerate that very very badly, they fall and when the break a hip a quarter of them died and for example antidepressant drugs are used in more than ten percent of our elderly and they seem to kill three percent of them every year. They fall and break their hip. This is a death rate so lot of other drugs and antidepressants aso make people fall and kill them, and they may affect your cognition your memory and all these things and then they inract in ways that we know almost nothing about very many elderly they take more than five bucks a day and we actually do not know how these drugs interact with each other.

What we do know is that all drugs have many effects in the body and some of them interact also in their metabolism so that you can get to high concentracion of a drug if you take other drugs simultaneously so we make a lot of harms that we do not even recognize. I have a pretty colorfull collection of things people have calle me during all these years and sometimes journalist have asked me whay do you always look up controversy and my reply is, i do not, controversy looks me up because it is not popular to tell the truth in healthcare. You will get  a lot of enemies because a lot of people make money on false premises. Doctors and Industry alike and our drug regulators and our politicians they are on board on this wagon. So very few people are independent of money in healthcare. And of course I have attacked a lot of holy cows during my career and people have screamed loudly. In a French journal I was called a statistical master best because I showed with statistics that mammography screening did not work an things like that.

And I was even accused of scientific misconduct by the association of the Danish pharmaceutical industry which was completely ludicrous. It was harassment from beginning to end. They came with baked arguments (saying) that we can not recognize the conclusions in your study and they could have come up with numbers and set these numbers are wrong the didn t do anything it vas only harassment. It lasted 18 months I think the whole thing and then when we were acquitted I make sure that this nasty behavior was described in the Britis Medical Journal. So after that they have not come so much after me de dangerous drug industry and when my book about organized crime came out the just lied about it as the always do that my examples were old the went back 90 years and so on but you know where I demonstrate that the ten biggest companies do is organized crime. These examples they were from within the last 10 to 15 years. Has not only examples and the crime have increased because, when crime pays you have more crime. That is how capitalism works.

This text is dedicated to my enemy Alberto García Talaveron.